Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

ASC delivers its 14th external ASIST course in 16 months...


ASC continues to build its ASIST delivery with its 14th external course delivery last week and the network grows of ASIST trained participants across the country. Having a larger number of people suicide aware and trained with the appropriate skills to undertake an intervention is absolutely vital. 



The Communications Workers Union held an in-house course within our excellent training facilities in our Cardiff Office last week. It was a pleasure having such a lovely group of people in who all contributed and participated really positively. We received very positive feedback, one of which included:

"Everything was taught exceptionally well. I was engaged throughout the course and I am confident this training will save lives.......                  I appreciated the care shown by both trainers"

We welcome all enquiries for our ASIST, safeTALK and Talking Mats training courses. Further information can be found on our Training tab or by emailing training@ascymru.org.uk