Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - Advocacy service update June 2020


We are entering our fourth affected month since March 2020 of living and working amidst Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we wanted to provide you with a further update on our Advocacy service provision.

Throughout the entire affected period since March 2020, all of our IMHA, IMCA and Community advocacy services have continued for patients. Despite an inevitable, initial quieter couple of weeks, referrals have continued at a normal level and our advocates are responsive and supportive.

In the initial lockdown period with us unable to access all settings, there was a need to readjust how we were able to undertake advocacy across all services. But as the days continued, we and all the settings modified the forms of contact that were available to clients and advocacy was able to take place via online chat platforms, telephone conversations and now, in certain circumstances, in controlled coronavirus guidelines compliant outdoor environments.

Our Cardiff and Swansea office sites remain closed with all of staff still working from home until government advice provides an indication of when this can alter, even in a restricted way. We have increasingly improved the technology in place allowing us to operate efficiently. Phone calls and emails continue to be answered as you would expect so please do continue to refer as normal.

As a team we are proud of the way in which we have adapted to a new way of working for our entire team without any impact on our clients. Feedback shows that we have risen to the challenge of providing advocacy in these challenging times and we will continue to adapt as is required to meet the changing circumstances in these challenging times.