Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client A

Client A wanted support with a Manager’s Hearing regarding renewal of Section 3.

Barriers faced in being heard:

A’s mental health was a barrier to being listened to.  A found retaining information difficult and meetings stressful.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • IMHA met with A prior to the Managers’ Mental Health Review Meeting to find out A’s wishes.
  • IMHA applied for A’s mental health reports prior to the meeting and went through them with A, so A was aware of the professional’s view, opinions and future plans.
  • IMHA attended the Manager’s Meeting with A, but A was unable to stay for mental health reasons. A requested that the IMHA continued to advocate on A’s behalf.


The IMHA met with A after the meeting to inform the outcome. It was uncontested that A needed to remain on the Section 37(notional) in order to find suitable accommodation.

A verbally thanked the IMHA for the support.