Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client B

Client B requested IMHA support with problems accessing escorted leave to go to church on Sundays. This activity had been arranged by staff and booked into the ward diary. On the day she was due to attend church, she was informed that she wasn’t able to go as there were not enough members of staff on duty that day. As a Christian, going to church was a very important activity for her but she felt staff were dismissive of this.

Barriers faced in being heard:

B had raised this issue with staff but had received no assurances that she would be able to go to church. She was told it was dependent on staff numbers and a rearranged date had not been agreed. B was upset by this as she had not been able to go to church since being admitted and felt she had worked hard to obtain escorted leave.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • B had previously formally complained about accessing leave and had been advised to contact the hospital manager if she had any further issues.
  • B instructed the IMHA to contact the hospital manager to raise the issue as an informal concern initially.
  • IMHA e-mailed the manager on B’s behalf to raise her concerns and received a swift response assuring that this issue would be looked into urgently.


IMHA made contact with B a couple of weeks later. The issue had now been resolved thanks to the involvement of the hospital manager. She was now getting regular visits to church on Sundays. B thanked the IMHA and felt her concern was treated more seriously with IMHA involvement.