Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client D

Client D told the IMHA that nothing was being done in the direction of discharging him from the hospital.

Barriers faced in being heard:

D felt that there was communication issues between himself and the care team. D stated that he suffers from short term memory due to brain damage from alcohol abuse. D stated that he would forget things he had been told within minutes of being given information and relied heavily on written information to which he could refer back to as and when he needed it. D stated that staff on the ward had overlooked his short term memory and preferred to discuss issues including future plans verbally, which D then forgets afterwards.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • The IMHA helped to arrange a meeting with D and his care team to discuss future plans.
  • The IMHA supported the client during the meeting when the care team discussed plans of moving the D to a community home.
  • The IMHA took minutes of the meeting for the client to keep and refer to when wanting to make a follow up on the discussions of the future plans.


D had an independent documented record of the care meeting to refer back to at any time he wanted.