Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client E

Client E told the IMHA he had no access to money to buy essentials to use while on the ward. E had no section 17 leave to allow him access to his bank or a cash machine.

Barriers faced in being heard:

E told the IMHA he had requested staff assist him with purchasing items but this hadn’t happened. E felt staff were not listening to him and didn’t understand the impact of not being able to access his money.

E had a speech impairment so found it difficult to communicate with staff. His medication was further impacting his ability to communicate. As E felt not listened to, he would become agitated when trying to raise the issue with staff, making communication more difficult.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • E asked the IMHA to raise his request to staff.
  • The IMHA was informed the staff had attempted to explain there is a process for detained patients with no Section 17 leave to access money, but E would usually have become so agitated he was not able to take the information on board.
  • The IMHA supported E in meeting with staff to raise the query. Staff explained they would be able to take E’s card and PIN number to the cash point on his behalf, there would be 2 staff present to ensure there would be no safeguarding issues, they could then purchase items on his behalf. Receipts would be provided from the cash point and for the purchases.


E was able to ask all the questions he wanted to in relation to the process and said he felt reassured by the process in place, and agreed for staff to do this for him.