Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client G

Client G had been deemed to lack capacity to decide discharge destination, and to instruct an IMHA. A Best Interests meeting was being held where other people would be making the decision of what would be in G's best interest and the least restrictive option.

Barriers faced in being heard:

G wanted to return home. A Capacity Assessment had been completed and the outcome was the patient lacked the mental capacity to deicide discharge destination.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • The IMHA received a referral for G which stated G would not be able to understand the role of the advocate.
  • The IMHA applied the two stage test of capacity. G was not able to understand the role of the IMHA, so the IMHA was to provide non-instructed advocacy
  • The IMHA viewed G’s medical records. A Best Interest meeting was arranged.
  • The IMHA visited G on 3 more occasions, constantly applying the two stage test of capacity.
  • The IMHA changed from providing non-instructed advocacy to instructed, and G wanted the assistance of the IMHA.
  • The IMHA received information from staff that G was presenting much better than when first admitted. The IMHA requested an up to date capacity assessment be completed. The outcome of the assessment was G had the mental capacity to make own decisions regarding discharge destination.


The IMHA informed staff that as G had been deemed to have capacity, G could make own decision regarding discharge. As a result, G chose to return home even though the family did not want this outcome.