Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

IMHA Client J

Client J was unhappy with the treatment he was receiving from his Responsible Clinician.

Barriers faced in being heard:

J felt that his responsible clinician and the multi-disciplinary team involved in his care were overlooking his main mental health issue, which J believed to be Aspergers.

J stated that the multi-disciplinary team were focusing far more on his lesser problems. J felt let down by his Responsible Clinician and believed that the relationship had broken down due to his Responsible Clinician neglecting his views and opinions.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • The IMHA met with J and discussed a number of options with him that could support and empower J to raise his concerns in a productive manner.
  • J requested that the Advocate support him at his ward round, to empower him to voice his views and opinions regarding his current care and treatment in hospital.
  • The IMHA documented key points that were raised in the meeting for J.
  • After the ward round, J stated that he felt as though he still wasn’t being listened too.
  • J then instructed the IMHA to request a change to another Responsible Clinician.


The IMHA acted on this instruction which enabled J to request a change of consultant in an appropriate and professional manner.