Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

Community Client A

Client A referred herself for advocacy as she had been admitted to UHW due to her care package breaking down and her being told that she would have to go to a placement in England that she did not want to go to.

Barriers faced in being heard:

Client A explained that she did not feel confident speaking up in meetings especially as the next meeting due to take place there would be members of her care team attending who she had not met before.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • Client A met with her advocate prior to the meeting taking place and discussed what she wanted to raise in the meeting.
  • Client A had prepared a statement for the meeting that she wanted to have read out.
  • Client A’s advocate supported A at the meeting by ensuring that the statement was read out and by asking relevant questions and prompting when necessary.


As part of the meeting a suitable placement was identified locally and A was happy to go to this placement.

Following the meeting, A reported that she felt listened to as part of the meeting and said that she was happy with the outcome.