Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

Community Client B

Client B referred herself for advocacy as she felt that she was being harassed by her employer whilst she was off sick for her mental health.

Barriers faced in being heard:

Client B explained to her advocate that she had been in contact with her manager and had explained that she only wished to have email communication due to her anxiety but this had been ignored.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • Client B met with her advocate and discussed the options open to her. B explained to her advocate that she had joined a union and asked for support in liaising with her employer and her union representative.
  • B’s advocate supported B by liaising with B’s manager and union representative and arranging a meeting for them all.
  • B spoke with her advocate and discussed what she wanted to raise in the meeting.


B was supported in the meeting where it was agreed that B would be referred to occupational therapy. B agreed to the referral once the purpose had been fully explained. It was also agreed that B would be contacted by her manager via email at the end of the month to maintain contact.

After the meeting B said that she found speaking with her manager much easier and felt that she understood what was expected of her. B also said that she felt having an advocate there made her more confident in speaking up for herself.