Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

Community Client F

Client F referred herself for advocacy support as she had trying to resolve an issue with the DWP paying housing costs to her mortgage provider but this had not been done for more than 6 months. She also explained that when she attended an ESA assessment she found this to be a negative experience.

Barriers faced in being heard:

F explained to her advocate that she had tried to contact the DWP herself as well as getting support from other agencies but was ignored by the DWP.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • F met with her advocate and explained that she wanted to make a complaint against the DWP for the treatment she had received.
  • F’s advocate drafted a letter of complaint to send to the DWP which F approved and she instructed to be sent to the relevant department.
  • Following the complaint, F’s advocate received emails directly on F’s request.


A response was received from the DWP which stated that they had not met the standards they would have expected. Payments that should have been made towards F’s housing costs were rectified. F received an apology for the level of service she’d received and F was awarded a consolatory payment.

F also received an apology for her experience of the ESA assessment and was informed that the individual that carried out the assessment would be monitored.