Iaith Gwaith Cymraeg

Community Client G

Client G is a community client who suffers with complex post-traumatic stress disorder from historical abuse. G was having difficulties in obtaining her weekly prescriptions from a CMHT Clinic. G has medication that has to be ordered by her chemist as it is one they do not keep in stock. G also wanted to have a Tenant support worker to help her with her housing issues. G has suffered from historical abuse and finds it hard expressing herself in assessments. G requested support at her ESA medical assessment.

Barriers faced in being heard:

Due to G’s complex post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood abuse, G found it hard to express herself without getting upset and angry with others.

Also due to G suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, finding a suitable place to meet people has always been an issue. G felt that the CMHT clinic were not listening or helping her. G stated that she has had the same problems for months and nothing has changed.

Advocacy undertaken:

  • The Advocate met with G and listened to her problems and issues. The Advocate then went through a number of options with G, as to how she could raise her concerns.
  • On G’s instruction, the Advocate wrote a letter of complaint to G’s CMHT. The Advocate then met with G to go through the letter before posting.
  • The Advocate helped G fill out a referral for tenant housing support with her housing provider, and emailed the referral forms and contacted the tenant support office on behalf of G.
  • The Advocate also helped G to prepare for her ESA assessment, preparing a statement on G’s behalf. The Advocate also attended the assessment with G for moral support.


G said that without the help of an advocate they did not think that anything would have changed. However now with the advocacy support G has received, she feels as though she can move forward with her life.