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Why Support Us? 

We believe everyone has the right to be heard. Our Advocates empower people to communicate their needs and wishes and to uphold their rights.

Your support can help us continue to ensure our patients have a voice and feel empowered to fight for their rights. However, the funding we receive just isn't enough to help everyone who needs the support of an advocate.

We need your help to raise vital funds to continue, expand and improve the work we do.

Advocacy Support Cymru (ASC) supports and gives a voice to clients in secondary and community mental health care settings.

At such points in life, people are vulnerable and it is sometimes very difficult to digest all the information available to you and what your rights are.

ASC is independent and represents the wishes and views of our clients.

We do not judge the wishes of the people we support or seek to persuade a client into a particular course of action but support them to know their rights and to encourage them to speak their wishes.

In cases where there is a lack of capacity, we will advocate on our clients behalf.

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