Leave us a legacy

Since 2012, Advocacy Support Cymru (ASC) has been supporting people experiencing mental health problems to have a voice.

Our advocates are highly trained and are unequivocal in their role – we represent the clients’ needs and wishes and being independent, sit outside the mental health care team.

This is invaluable as we are able to explain the rights and options available and together will agree actions without the clients feeling we are seeking to influence them. Reading just a few of the many comments we have received on Care Opinion will illustrate how important the work we do is to our clients.

Nobody wants to experience poor mental health. Nobody wants to feel vulnerable or confused with decisions to be made. Our work with those experiencing difficulties will continue to be needed, way beyond the length of any funded contract we may be priviliged to have.

Leaving us a gift in your will would be a wonderful way to ensure that we can continue to empower and give a voice to those experiencing mental health difficulties. Making such a generous decision would be greatly appreciated by all at Advocacy Support Cymru. Rest assured that you will have contributed to the vital work that we do.

Please contact Joanne Hill for further information.

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