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Our Welsh Offer

Welsh Language Offer 

We recognise the benefits of delivering our services in the Welsh language where possible, and are committed to ensuring that the Welsh language is treated no less favourably than English.  As such, we encourage the use of Welsh wherever possible, using the resources that are available to us. 

Measures that we have put in place to ensure this are detailed in this document, which will be updated regularly to ensure that it remains accurate and in keeping with our Welsh offering. 


Communicating with ASC 

Telephone Calls 

All telephone calls are answered using a simple Welsh greeting before English.  If the caller wishes to continue their call in Welsh, we have Welsh speaking advocates who are able to take the call.  If no Welsh speaker is available at the time of the call, the caller’s details will be taken and the message passed to a Welsh speaker, who will ensure the call is returned as soon as is reasonably practicable. 



ASC have a website that is available in Welsh or English, with a dedicated address for the full Welsh language version (www.ascymru.cymru).  Links to the Welsh language version are also available on the homepage of our English language site, ensuring the Welsh version can be easily accessed by either clicking on the Iaith Gwaith “Cymraeg” logo, or the Cymraeg link at the top of the page, in the event of a person accessing our main site wishing to view the page in Welsh. 

Additionally, our website front page will contain a link to this document, which will be bilingual, and a Welsh language only version will also be uploaded to our Welsh language version of the site, ensuring that all visitors to the page are aware of our Welsh language offering. 



Any correspondence, including complaints / compliments, received in Welsh will be responded to in Welsh, this includes correspondence by telephone, letter, text message, or social media channels.  Additionally, we will take all reasonable steps to ascertain a person’s preference of language at point of referral. 

Any correspondence received in Welsh will be treated no less favourably than English. 

Email correspondence has a standardised signature that ensures information such as Job Title, Confidentiality Disclaimers and ASC’s Registration Details in Welsh and English. 


Social Media 

We utilise limited Social Media platforms and maintain a presence on these selected sites.  We welcome contact via our Social Media channels in both Welsh and English, and have taken steps to ensure that all pre-planned posts are bilingual.   


Face to Face Communication 

Our Welsh speaking employees all wear the Iaith Gwaith “Cymraeg” badge to ensure that they can be easily identified as a Welsh speaker, without the need to ask. 

ASC keeps a register of our employees Welsh language skills, and ensures that this is regularly updated.  All employees are encouraged to use the Welsh language and develop their skills wherever possible. 


Our Organisation 


At ASC, we are keen to increase the use of the Welsh language within our organisation, and as such wish to attract Welsh speakers to the roles we advertise.  To this end, we have committed to placing our adverts in locations that are more likely to be accessed by Welsh speakers as well as the traditional English media placements we have used previously.  This will include websites such as Lleol.cymru, Golwg360 and Volunteering Wales # Cymraeg. 

We do not as yet, have sufficient resources in house to conduct interviews in Welsh, however, we will employ the use of an interpreter on occasions that an applicant wishes to use Welsh at interview.  Applicants will be asked their preference of language at the stage of inviting to interview to ensure that requests are known and can be facilitated.  As resources increase, it is our aim that the use of interpreters will lessen, and that in house resources grow to enable a more seamless interview process. 

Application packs, job descriptions and person specifications in Welsh are available and can be provided on request. 


Promotional Material 

Most of our promotional material, including marketing and exhibition material, is already produced bilingually.  The only exception to this is where leaflets are primarily pictorial.  Where possible we will produce both Welsh and English versions of these documents and publish them at the same time. 

All stationery used is bilingual where reasonably practicable, and due consideration to bilingualism will be given to any new stationery created. 


Welsh Language Champions 

We recognise that communication and awareness raising of our Welsh language offer is key to its success.  As a result, Management from the most senior levels down, will actively promote the use of the Welsh language within the organisation.  Additionally, we will appoint a Welsh Language Champion to monitor our progress with the implementation of our Welsh Language Improvement Plan, and work with employees across the organisation to ensure its success. 



Each year, we will produce a report, bilingually, that details the use of Welsh and English across our services, and provides information on the percentage increase or decrease in the use of Welsh from the previous year. 

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