Talking Mats 

Increasing the capacity to communicate effectively about things that matter.

Talking Mats is an innovative, award-winning communications method that has been based upon extensive research and designed by Speech and Language Therapists. It is a model that utilises unique, specially designed picture symbols that are attractive to all ages and communication abilities. It is used effectively by clinical practitioners, carers and support workers in a wide range of health, social work, residential and education settings.

What is Talking Mats?

Talking Mats is a low-tech, interactive resource that uses three sets of picture communication symbols – topics, options and a visual scale – and a space on which to display them. Further information on how Talking Mats works can be found by clicking here

Who can attend a Talking Mats course?

Clinical practitioners, carers and support workers regularly attend the Talking Mats course. Whether used for consulting children and young people, used as a stroke communication resource, or used to overcome communication difficulties for people with learning disability or dementia, the Talking Mats communications symbols have proved highly effective.

Depending upon your job role, after attending the Talking Mats course, you will be more able to:

  • Help children and adults to express their feelings or preferences
  • Provide a ‘thinking tool’ to enable people to explore issues and help them to structure and verbalise their thoughts
  • Enable people with a learning disability to understand what is involved in a decision and to then give their opinion
  • Make it easier for people with dementia to keep to topic as a result of Talking Mats’ structured and consistent format
  • Support people with communication difficulties to express negative as well as positive views and reduce the tendency to simply agree
  • Help people more logically organise their thoughts through the act of physically moving the picture symbols.
What are the workshop features? 
  • Presentations and guidance from a registered Independent Talking Mats trainer. Our trainer is currently the only Wales-based registered Talking Mats trainer. 
  • Talking Mats is held on two half days over two consecutive weeks. This allows for reflection and practical learning between sessions through creation of a very short presentation to be sent online to demonstrate understanding of the model. 
  • An award-winning communication tool which is specifically low-tech to not be intimidating for the child or adult engaging with it.
  • Highly interactive and participative learning sessions.
  • Group discussions that support and reinforce learning.
  • Skills practice and development. 
  • Participant materials include a workbook, symbol set, mat and bag. Participants also receive a certificate upon completion of the workshop.

To read more about the Talking Mats course, >>click here 

Venue & Dates 

Courses will take place within our training suite in St Mellons, Cardiff.  Our training suite is fully serviced with a kitchen for refreshments, relaxation room and ample free parking. 

Next course dates:

Tue 12 & Tue 19 February 2019
Venue: ASC Offices in St Mellons, Cardiff
Cost: £140 per person (includes refreshments and all course materials).

For further details on how to book or to simply find out more, email or call us on 029 2054 0444.

In-company delivery is available on request (maximum of 8 confirmed participants but names can change up to 24 hours prior to the start of delivery). If you are looking to book more than two places on an open course, please drop us an email or give us a call on 029 2054 0444 to discuss options available. 


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